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Assessment, Rehabilitation and Modality Manuals

Practical Joint Assessment Manuals
A Sports Medicine Approach
Lower Quadrant and Upper Quadrant

These two spiral bound manuals give a practical approach to the assessment and interpretation of joint and musculoskeletal injuries. They give clear, concise descriptions of assessment procedures and include over 250 illustrations showing hand and body positions. The assessment guidelines are given on the left side of the page and the interpretations of the test results on the right.

The manuals cover general assessment guidelines as well as specific testing for every joint. They are directed to the sports medicine market, but are a useful lab manual for any orthopedic practitioner.

The Lower Quadrant manual covers the assessment of the lumbar spine, sacroiliac, hip, knee, foot and ankle joint (348 pages). The Upper Quadrant manual covers the assessment of the temporomandibular joint, cervical spine, shoulder, elbow, forearm, wrist and hand (345 pages).

The manuals explore the history, observations, functional tests, special tests, accessory tests and palpations for each structure. These user- friendly manuals are ideal tools for the athletic trainer, athletic therapist, physiotherapist, physical therapist, massage therapist, chiropractor, general practitioner, kinesiologist, and other allied health practitioners. The spiral format allows convenient consultation during the assessment of the patient.

Retail $90 each or the set for $165.00 CAD/US plus shipping and taxes

A book cover with a picture of a girl kicking a soccer ball.
A book cover with an image of a baseball player.

Therapeutic Ultrasound Publications

Therapeutic Ultrasound Manual

This manual discusses the physiological and biological effects of ultrasound. Wave fundamentals, frequency, attenuation, absorption and reflection of the waves are all investigated. Dosages are determined using an easy mathematical formula which corrects for the depth of lesion, stage of healing, tissue type etc. The manual covers methods of application, ultrasound equipment, precautions and contraindications. This manual is soft covered, illustrated and well referenced with the latest evidence based research (70 pages). 

Retail $36.00 CAD/US


Wall Chart

A large 30" by 40" colourful, laminated wall chart on ultrasound is also available which contains all the information for safe and effective ultrasound applications. It outlines the recommended dosages for 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 MHz machines. It also covers recommended dosages for different injury types, application techniques, therapeutic effects, and contraindications. 

Retail $45.00 CAD/US

A poster of the therapeutic ultrasound.

Protocol Sheet(s)

The ultrasound protocol sheet is an 8.5" by 11" laminated chart giving the recommended dosage for the 1.0 and 3.0 MHz units. It is an excellent reference guide to go beside the unit in the clinic for quick dosage selections. 

Retail $25.00 CAD/US

A table with some different types of medical devices.

Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation Publications

Neuromuscular Stimulation Manual

This manual outlines the physiology of muscle stimulation and depolarization. It addresses both AC and DC currents and implications for each current type. The therapeutic effects of electrical stimulation are described, including suggested parameters to achieve the desired the effectsIndications, contraindications, and application techniques are described for the conscientious therapist. Protocols, motor point locations and muscle nerve supplies are outlined to achieve optimal pad placement and results. The latest research findings are explained and summarized. The manual is soft covered, illustrated and well referenced (70 pages).

Retail $36.00 CAD/US


Neuromuscular Wall Chart

A large 30” by 40” laminated colourful wall chart is available which contains all the muscles, their motor points and nerve supplies. The chart also lists the muscles and indicates their nerve roots and segmental levels for monopolar application. Protocols for various physiological effects (muscle strengthening, muscle reeducation, muscle pump, atrophy prevention, etc.) are given. It provides application methods as well as contraindications. A new edition has just been completed with the latest evidence-based research.

Retail $45.00 CAD/US

A poster of two human body sections with labels.

Muscles and Their Motor Points Sheet

This colourful laminated, legal size sheet assists the therapist in locating the muscles and their motor points. Each muscle is identified and the nerve supplying the muscle is illustrated. The anterior view of the body is on one side and the posterior view on the reverse. The sheet can be used for general anatomical knowledge, neuromuscular stimulations, transcutaneous muscle stimulation, EMG work and transelectrical nerve stimulation. 

Retail $30.00 CAD/US

MotorPoints Small

Pain Control Publications

A Pain Control Manual

This manual is useful for the therapist who uses acupuncture, TENS, laser stimulation, hyperstimulation units, or microcurrent point stimulators. The manual outlines the pain control theories and the physiological effects of point stimulation. The user is provided with a detailed anatomical description of the best pad placement locations for TENS or needling points for acupuncture. Protocols are given for the relief of pain in muscle, tendon, joint, nerve or ligament. Parameters are given for TENS application (80 pages).  

Retail $36.00 CAD/US


Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation Wall Chart

This large 30" by 40" laminated colourful chart contains anatomical illustrations in the anterior, posterior, medial and lateral views of the human body showing the acupuncture and motor point locations. It also indicates the suggested points to use for different orthopedic conditions. The chart also has the recommended parameters for high rate conventional, low rate acupuncture -like and brief intense applications. The treatment method is given as well as the contraindications.

Retail $45.00 CAD/US

A poster of the human body with different areas.

Useful Acupuncture Points Protocol Sheet

This colourful laminated, legal size sheet assists the therapist in locating the acupuncture points for TENS, laser, hyperstimulation, or microcurrent, units. Releasing these points is also important for massage techniques. The chart gives the suggested points for different anatomical areas for the treatment of musculoskeletal pathology. On one side of the chart is the anterior view and the posterior view of the body is on the reverse.

Retail $30.00 CAD/US

A diagram of the human body with labels on it.